ARTNAKED is a nomadic, content-creating collective currently with its core based in London, but also spread across the UK.


We are interested in pursuing cultural and interdisciplinary projects which are not confined by any particular genre or discipline, but, rather, those that take us across the borders into fields unexpected - whether we start from fine art, photography, fashion, music, comedy, theatre, discussion or a game of chess.


Combining our experience and love for all things artistic, literary, lyric and musical, as well as our intrigue into the ever-expanding worlds of science and technology, we are constantly on the look out for things that challenge the way we think, and consequently the way we do.





Left: For the June 2016 edition of the Valletta Film Festival, ARTNAKED was invited to curate a new strand of video art, a series of artworks we called 'ARTNAKED Art Shorts'. The films were projected on buildings in Valletta, the capital city of Malta.