ARTNAKED is bringing a fresh perspective to immersive art experiences for a discerning public.

Operating in the sphere of bespoke curatorship and exhibitions, ARTNAKED places special emphasis on visual arts, in addition to social and academic events programming, incorporating the broader liberal arts and special-interest activities.

ARTNAKED was founded in 2013 by artist and gallerist Andrew Hancock and arts and PR consultant, Tani Burns.  Having access to an extensive network of leading artists, creatives, tastemakers, academics and press; ARTNAKED brings together the combined experience of two established art-world professionals and associates under a new banner.

Initial successes resulted in dynamic visual and multi-media exhibition series in central London.  In merging carefully selected artistic and conceptual content, presented within unique, eclectic environments for exhibitions, performances and parties, ART NAKED has presented a new challenge.  The gratifying outcome is in enabling private groups of individuals - from international culture-followers, to industry-insiders, invited artists and client-guests - to share in rarified experiences within a discrete, entertaining and enlightening cultural atmosphere. 

In 2014 ARTNAKED began the production of a variety of plays, literary and academic events and art performances, and this year, 2015 has seen the inaugural broadcast of their new radio podcast series of debates “Naked In The Library” for Resonance FM.

ARTNAKED continues to develop carefully choreographed private and public shows, both in London and internationally in the private and public spheres, with a primary focus in delivering intellectually led, stimulating content to an intelligent audience.




Tani Burns is a London-based consultant across arts, cultural, luxury and leisure.  Global brands, world-class venues, publishing houses and charitable organizations form much of her experience, alongside an international network of prestigious artists, galleries, auction houses and art fairs. 

Born and raised in London, Tani unites a distinct knowledge of the city - with all its idiosyncrasies - with an enduring interest in international cultures.  

Graduating from the University of Warwick with an MA in English Literature and a BA in English and Latin Literature, academia has run simultaneous to journalism, broadly focused on culture, leisure, luxury and travel. Writing across regional and national papers includes: the Telegraph; the Independent; the Mail on Sunday. Internationally, she has written extensively for publications as far as Bangkok, Thailand, and Wellington, New Zealand.

Borne from these frameworks, a cumulative network of journalists, gallerists, collectors and thought leaders in the professional worlds of arts and culture has stood her in great stead to support specific needs of a broad spectrum of clients.  Tani has created or activated strategies for numerous successful campaigns in recent years, for clients including: Beck’s; ART HK; Positive View Foundation; Blain|Southern; Hus Galleries; All Visual Arts; Prestel Publishing; the Adam Mickiewicz Institute; and Bonhams Contemporary Art.

TBurnsArts was established in 2012 as an Arts & PR Consultancy offering clients across arts, culture and luxury sectors: media / social media relations; event programming; sponsorships, partnerships and collaborations.  Tani is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 





Andrew Hancock is a UK-based artist and curator.

Andrew initially graduated with a B.A. in Art History at Manchester University, before concentrating on his own art practice.  Later he has established a parallel approach in his development both as an artist and as a professional within the wider art economy.  Andrew draws on this experience in his workings, enabling himself to create whilst engaging critically within the wider cultural sphere.

Working in such prestigious organizations as Manchester City Art Gallery; Christies Auctioneers; White Cube; The Royal Academy of Arts; Frieze; and Saatchi Gallery; Andrew has developed a professional network of gallerists, artists and art-world professionals, as well as an insight into the dynamic mechanisms of the cultural industries, its patrons, key players and consumers.

As an artist, Andrew mixes a revolving series of works both in static medium and in the conceptual realm. Paintings, documentation and installation works, sit within the context of wider conceptual themes under investigation; as he explores diverse subjects from aesthetics to economics and politics to society and the senses, with recurrent themes of the spiritual, the corporeal, the material and the relational.

Andrew is exhibited both in the UK and internationally.  A first London-based solo exhibition ran through Spring 2013.  His work is permanently exhibited as part of the Chinese National Art Collection, and he inhabits several studios across London.  His work will be a main feature in 2015 at the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Moscow, “Dialogues of Light & Sound” exhibition. Charitable donations often see his work raising money at auction for a variety of good causes.  Recently Andrew has been resident artist in private venues in Covent Garden and is currently exhibited as part of several permanent collections in central London.  Andrew is also an elected member of the Chelsea Arts Club.